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What is cc

What is CC?

Cubic Capacity is the elaboration of cc which is not just a mere number at all rather it is the determinator of unleashing power, speed, and acceleration. Cubic capacity (CC) is the first and foremost aspect of identifying a bike whether it is a daily commuter or high-performance adventure bike. Cubic capacity refers to the maximum engine output based on cubic centimeter volume of the engine chamber.  At the same, CC also measures air extension and fuel mixture to be compressed in a single burning process. However, CC also determines engine’s displacement and carries the core capacity of the cylinder. A 160 cc bike states a total volume of 160 cubic centimeters of bike’s engine and all cylinders equipped thereby. CC is a significant factor for motorcycles which revoles round the bike performance, cost, and insurance. Generally cc range starts from 50 cc to infinity number, Triumph Rocket 3 R/GT is the highest cc (2458 cc) motorcycle in the world.

Recently, Bangladesh entered into the 375 cc motorcycle era which was limited upto 165 cc for a long time.

Importance of CC in motorcycles

Cubic Capacity (CC) has a versatile purpose for a motorcycle or motorcar, we’ve already knew that cc stands for cubic capacity of engine which means the overall air and fuel mixture that can be compressed to produce maximum power, of course a vast compression delivers maximum power. CC directly influences engine power output. When the engine produces maximum power it indirectly enhances overall engine performance. Higher cc engines produce the highest power and torque, a higher cc engine is associated with high-performing accomplishments. CC variation is also rational means, lower cc engines are suitable for daily commuting bikes to ensure better performance and mileage. Inversely, lower cc commuter bike doesn’t require frequent servicing and less maintenance. Similarly, higher cc engine is preferable for high-performing sports bike to long-distance off-road rides.

We may conclude that, cc determines the capability and comfort for riding conditions. The cubic capacity is the first tool to choose a suitable bike for you that may meet your desire and purpose.

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