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Auto-Sail Technology

Whai is Auto Sail Technology?

Since last decades we’ve witnessed as much as technological improvement in the automotive industry as ever seen before. The motorcycle industry has been driven through a rapid upgradation with technological innovations. All new motorcycles are entering one after another with the latest technology by different brands. Auto sail feature is comparatively new technology in motorcycles, already applied in Hero Thriller, Hero Passion Xpro, TVS Apache RTR Fi, Bajaj Pulsar N160 and N200. The auto sail feature reduces riding weariness and increases fuel efficiency, especially in heavy-traffic cities. Perhaps upcoming bikes will come with auto sail or GTT features.

What is Auto-sail technology?

The term auto-sail is refers to automatic sailing, precisely it is one kind of auto gear features. Bike moves at a certain speed without any acceleration in the throttle lever. It works well in 2nd and 3rd gear which allows rider to swift moving in traffic single by leaving behind gear shifting hassle. Sometimes we notice after the sudden green light in traffic signal rider struggles with gear-shifting but this auto-sail or GTT (Glide Through Technology) reduces this issue. In first grear bike gets minimum 7 kmph without acceleration, in second gear speed rises upto 12 kmph and in third gear upto 17 kmph. The bike won’t stop unless it comes across any speed breaker or you press brake.

Alongside, this feature plays a vital role in learning motorcycle driving. As conventional motorcycle gear, clutch and throttle are moduled together, usually a learner fears releasing the clutch with the proper ratio of acceleration because bike may jerk heavily only for inappropriate clutch releasing. This is why he/she only pulls the throttle without releasing the clutch, gets sound and smoke let alone speed. His struggle burns a good amount of fuel but resulting nothing. Auto sail technology assists riders in getting enough speed in first and second gear without single acceleration input. Moreover this technology allows riding bike in  higher gear without half-clutch or acceleration. So the auto sail feature reduces rider’s struggle at the same time it increases clutch efficiency.

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