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wider tyre motorcycles in Bangladesh

Most wider tyre motorcycles in Bangladesh

Nowadays, motorcycle brands in our country started to launched motorcycles with the wide tyre. Width tyres are not only just fashionable but also has some advantages. Commuter motorcycles in our country still got the thinner tyre but few sports bikes are coming with width tyre. Sometimes users change the factory setting and converted it into a width tyre. In this article, we will try to show you the advantages and disadvantages of width tyre and the available motorcycle with width tyre in Bangladesh.


  1. A wider tyre helps to get more friction between road and tyre. It stables the bike and prevents slippage.
  2. It’s comfortable to ride with a wide tyre. More surface area in the road means it will absorb bumps weight and gravel in the road.
  3. With the wider tyre it’s easy to control a bike.
  4. It also increases the appearance and look of the motorcycle and looks like a beast. Often it’s called ‘Chopper’ look.
  5. It also helps in better cornering and proper braking.
  6. It prevents slippage on wet or rainy surfaces.


  1. Width tyre reduces the fuel efficiency. For the road friction, it takes more engine power to ride with.
  2. It also the reason for the lower acceleration rate.
  3. This can have a negative effect on the bike’s transmission.

For the road condition like our country, motorcycle brands and tyre manufacturer companies are started to launched width tyre. Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda, Taro got the wider tyre motorcycles which are shown below.

Most Wider Tyre Bikes in BD

Brand Model Front Size Rear Size
Taro Taro GP 1 V3 110/70-17 150/70-17
Taro Taro GP 2 110/70-16 140/70-16
Yamaha FZs FI V3 100/80-17 140/60-17
Yamaha Fzs FI V2 100/80-17 140/60-17
Yamaha Fazer FI V2 100/80-17 140/60-17
Yamaha MT-15 100/80-17 140/60-17
Yamaha R15 V3 100/80-17 140/60-17
Suzuki GSX R150 90/80-17 130/70-17
Suzuki Intruder 150 100/80-17 140/60-R17
Suzuki Gixxer 100/80-R17 140/60-R17
Honda CB Hornet 100/80-17 140/70-17
Honda CBR 150 100/80-17 140/70-17
KTM Duke 125 110/70 -17 150/60 -17
Regal Raptor Stellar 90/90-21 160/80-16
Regal Raptor Spyder 90/90-21 160/80-16
Roadmaster Rapido 165 110/60-17 140/60-17

If the engine is the heart of a motorcycle then tyres are the soul of a motorcycle. Now Tourino is the first Bangladeshi tyre manufacturing brand which is manufacturing world-class tubeless tyres in Bangladesh. Road Gripper, Aviva and Blade are the three tubeless 140 section tyres from Tourino. Road Gripper is the best suitable for Yamaha R15 V3 and Aviva and Blade are the best for Yamaha FZs, Fazer, Gixxer, CB Hornet etc.


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