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Pulsar NS 160 Vs CB Hornet Vs RTR 160 4V: Comparison Review

In recent times in Bangladesh, the demand for two-wheelers is increasing as well as the usage. Some people have more than one ride in their garage. So, to fill up their demand there are many companies that are now launching their new products. Some of them are importing different segment bikes in Bangladesh from different countries. Uttara Motors LTD is the sole distributor of Baja in Bangladesh. They launched Pulsar NS in Bangladesh which is one of the best in the 160 cc segment. Honda CB Hornet is one of the competitor’s motorcycles in this segment. Honda is a Japanese-origin bike that is worldwide famous for the quality of its bikes. Apache RTR 160 4V is the best bike of TVS motors in Bangladesh. This two-wheeler is well known for its instant acceleration rate. Today we would like to make a comparison review among Bajaj Pulsar NS 160, Honda CB Hornet 160, and Apache RTR 160 4V.

Pulsar NS vs CB Hornet vs RTR 160 4V

COMPARE Pulsar NS CB Hornet RTR 4V


Naked Sports Naked Sports Naked Sports


India Japan India


Single Cylinder, 4-Stroke, 4-Valve, SOHC, DTS-i Engine Air Cooled, 4 Stroke, SI Engine Single Cylinder, 4-Stroke, OHC, SI Engine


160.3 cc 162.7 cc 159.7

Maximum Power

15.5 BHP @ 8500 rpm 15.04 BHP @ 8500 rpm 16.28 bhp @ 8000 rpm

Maximum Torque

14.6 NM @ 6500 rpm 14.50 NM @ 6500 rpm 14.8 Nm @ 6500 rpm

No. of Cylinders

1 1 1


Oil Cooled Air Cooled Oil cooler with Ram air assist

Fuel Supply

EFI EFI Carburator

No. of Gear

 5 5 5

Starting system

Electric & Kick Electric & Kick Electric & Kick


Wet multi-plate Wet Multi-Plate Wet Multi-Plate

Kerb Weight

 142 Kg 138 Kg 143 kg


2012 mm 2041 mm 2050 mm


803 mm 783 mm 790 mm


1060 mm 1091 mm 1050 mm

Seat Height

805 mm 790 mm 800 mm


1363 mm 1346 mm 1357 mm


Disc/Disc Disc/Disc Disc/Disc


Single-Channel Single-Channel Single-Channel


Perimeter Frame Diamond Double Cradle Synchro STIFF

Front Suspension

130 mm fork travel, Telescopic Telescopic Telescopic Forks

Rear Suspension

120 mm wheel travel, Mono suspension with nitrox Mono-Shock Mono-Shock

Front Tyre Size

80/100-17 100/80-17 90/90-17

Rear Tyre Size

1204/80-17 140/70-17 130/70-17

Fuel Tank Capacity

  12 liters 12 liters 12 Liters

Top Speed

 126 km/h   124 km/h 131 km/h


42 km/L 45 km/L 38 km/L


199,800 BDT 192,100 BDT 198,999 BDT

More Details

Pulsar NS 160 Full Specification CB Hornet 160 Full Specification RTR 160 4V Full Specification

Looks & Design

Design is The most important part of a motorcycle. When you want to buy a motorcycle, first you will get the attention of its design. These three bikes get their design from their classic models. But these motorcycles are customized with some new features and designs. let’s see the differences in design and looks among this motorcycle,

 Pulsar NS 160: The looks and design of Pulsar 160 NS are totally gorgeous. It seems the best-naked edition model of Pulsar ever released. Its basic design comes from its elder classic model Pulsar 150. Due to its cutting-edge naked sports design, it looks attractive and sporty from the outside. Its stunning headlamp, well-finished paint, new design scheme and side body cowl give it an extra gorgeous look. Bajaj also launched a new edition of this motorcycle called ‘Refresh’. Though the basic design remains the same but they developed the graphics of this bike.

Honda CB Hornet: Honda CB Hornet 160R has a complete street-fighter design. It gets a muscular fuel tank with a standard and comfortable seat. The handlebar and mirror are well designed and ergonomic. The paint quality and body scheme design look stunning. 5 spoke alloy wheels and a well-designed wheel rim increased its look.

Apache 4V Vs CB Hornet Vs NS 160

Apache RTR 160 4V: TVS Apache RTR 160 4V is full of amazing-looking sports bike. It is a naked sports bike that has a muscular and fully aggressive look and a unique seating position. The design gets the inspiration from Draken concept. The seat is not split but pretty sporty. It has amazing looking double-barrel exhaust with a rear tyre guard and looks like a shotgun. The parking light design is taken from the Snake Fang concept and looks amazing. This parking light is now mounted over the headlight unit in the new edition of 160 4V.

The build-in quality of Pulsar NS 160 and Apache RTR 160 4V is slightly better than Honda CB Hornet 160 according to our opinion.

Engine Performance

Engine performance is the most important part of a motorcycle. When will you trying to find differences among motorcycles, you have to know about their engine performances.

Pulsar NS 160: This naked sports bike is equipped with 4 Stroke, SOHC 4 Valve, Oil Cooled, Twin Spark DTS-i, EFI engine which can produce 15.5 BHP maximum power in 8500 rpm and 14.6 Nm maximum torque in 6500 rpm. This powerful engine gets a 5-speed gearbox for better transmission. This bike gets a good acceleration rate and can reach its top speed of 126 km/h.

Honda CB Hornet 160: This naked street-fighter is powered by Air Cooled, 4 Stroke, single-cylinder, SI Engine which can churn out 15.04 BHP @ 8500 rpm maximum power and the peak torque is 14.50 NM @ 6500 rpm. This two-wheeler has a 5-speed gearbox mated with the engine which will help to get better transmission. This bike can hit its top speed of 124 km/h.

Apache RTR 160 4V: This updated version of Apache RTR gets Single Cylinder, 4-Stroke, OHC, Air-cooled, SI Engine which can generate 16.28 bhp @ 8000 rpm maximum power and 14.8 Nm @ 6500 rpm peek torque. 5-speed gearbox available for better transmission. The acceleration rate is excellent than other bikes in this segment. The top speed of this bike is 131 km/h. Though these other two bikes already have fuel injection systems, Apache RTR 4V has yet to have this system.

The instant acceleration rate of Apache RTR 160 4V is better in its segment. But Pulsar NS 160 and Honda CB Hornet are also preferable.

Suspension & Brake

Pulsar NS 160: 130 mm fork travel, Telescopic suspension used in front and 120 mm wheel travel, Mono suspension with nitrox suspension in the rear wheel. It will provide good balance and comfort. The braking system is protected with 260mm Petal Disc with Floating Caliper in front and 230mm Disc brake in the rear. The new version of this motorcycle is also upgraded with single-channel ABS.

Honda CB Hornet: Telescopic fork suspension used in front and Monoshock suspension in the rear wheel. But it is not better in its segment. 276mm Disc with a triple-pot Nissin caliper brake in the rear and 220 mm disc brake for the rear wheel. This bike gets the best braking system in its segment. It is also equipped with a Single-channel ABS system.

Apache RTR 160 4V: Telescopic Forks suspension used in front and mono-shock suspension is for the rear end. 270 mm petal Disc brake used in front and normal Disc brake is for the rear wheel. Its braking system is improved than the earlier Apache RTR version. The new edition of this bike also has a single-channel ABS system.

Fuel Consumption

Pulsar NS 160: The mileage of this bike is pretty amazing because of its new fuel injection engine. It would probably give almost 42 km mileage average which is more than any motorcycle in this segment. Besides, it would increase on the highway and can deliver 56 km/L. The fuel tank of this bike can contain almost 12 liters.

Honda CB Hornet: Mileage of the bike Honda CB Hornet 160R would be great by considering the same segment bikes. Its reported average mileage is 45 km which is pretty impressive. 45 km mileage for a 160 cc bike is more than expected but Honda used to provide it since the beginning.

Apache RTR 160 4V: The overall mileage of this bike is 38 km/L. This is slightly lower than Pulsar NS and CB Hornet. But on the highway, it can provide 42 km/L.

Top Speed

Pulsar NS 160: This two-wheeler gets a good rate of acceleration rate and can reach the top speed of 126 km/h.

Honda CB Hornet: Besides its braking system, it also has a good acceleration rate and can hit the top speed of 124 km/h.

Apache RTR 160 4V: This version of Apache RTR gets the best instant acceleration rate and the top speed of this bike is 131 km/h.


Pulsar NS 160: Uttara Motors which is a distributor of Bajaj in Bangladesh released the price of this bike is 199,800 BDT (Carb+ABS) and the FI version costs 262,500 BDT.

Honda CB Hornet: The price of this motorcycle is a little bit slower than other bikes in its segment. The market price of this bike is 192,100 BDT (CBS). The new version of this bike comes with an ABS braking system and the price tag is 255,000 BDT.

Apache RTR 160 4V: The market of this bike with a single disc is 198,999 BDT and double disc braking system is 208,999 BDT which is reasonable. But with a single-channel ABS costs 223,999 BDT.

From the above discussion, we can say that all three motorcycles are excellent in the 160cc segment. But each bike is good at some point. But in overall performance, Apache RTR 160 4V is a little bit ahead instead of pulsar NS and Honda CB Hornet. But at some point these two bikes are good. So, before buy, you should give importance to what you like and what you want.

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