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Yamaha and Fast Gear Accessories Price

Yamaha & Fast Gear Accessories (Price & Where to Buy)

Bikers are becoming smarter and trying to keep them safe. Even once upon a time riders won’t wear a helmet but the scenario is changed by the awareness of bikers. Passionate bikers usually wear full face helmet, shoe, gloves, safety jacket, knee and elbow protector during ride. But it was little bit difficult and time consuming for a motorcyclist to buy this kind of safety gear accessories from the same area. Even some of essential thing was out of stock and that’s why a biker need to wait for a timing being as well.

Recently ACI Motors Ltd those are the sole distributor of Yamaha motorcycle in Bangladesh started to import some good quality gear accessories of Yamaha & fast gear. Customers can buy that different type of riding jacket, hand gloves, knee and hand guard, lock, mobile phone holder, shoe protector, chain brush, waterproof backpack is now available in all authorized dealer point of Yamaha. It’s not possible to buy online so far as surely a dealer point in available near you.



  • Yamaha Riding Suits (YC – 08, YC – 10 & YC 13) – All three types of Yamaha Riding Suits are available in the stock of Yamaha gear accessories. And also most of the features of these things are almost same. They have CE certified removable elbow, shoulder and back impact protector, mesh ventilation panels, SBS zippers and reflective materials. The price of YC – 08 is BDT 11,000 only where the price of YC – 10 is BDT 10,000 and price of YC – 13 is BDT 8,000 only.

  • Fast Gear Knee & Hand Protector (PR – 01) – Knee and hand protector are very much useful for the rider and they are very necessary accessories indeed. It has features like foam added for comfortability, optimum fit knee & elbow cup for movement, elastic strap with hook and loop adjustment and anti collision. The current price of the gear is BDT 2,500 only.

  • Fast Gear Knee Protector (PR – 16) – It is just the knee protector which has almost same features. It has also anti-collision and reflective straps. The current price of the product is BDT 810 only.

  • Yamaha Gloves (GL – 001) – Among all available Yamaha Gloves, GL- 001 is the best. It consists of non-slipped dots on palm, touchscreen enable material on finger, air ventilation, injection shell protection, protection pad on palm and adjustable velco on wrist. There are two colors of the gloves available and the price of the product is BDT 2,150 only.

  • Fast Gear Gloves (GL – 005) – Fast gear Gloves is one of the available accessories which current price is BDT 750. It has non-slip dots on palm, touchscreen enable material on finger, air ventilation, protection pad on palm and adjustable velco on wrist and some more features are available.

  • Fast Gear Gloves (GL – 008) – The current price of the gloves is BDT 775. It has also same features like non-slipped dots on palm, air ventilation, protection pad on palm and adjustable velco on wrist. Three different colors of the gloves are available.

  • Fast Gear Tour Bag (MB – 06) – Fast gear tour bag is one of the item of gear accessories of Yamaha. The price of the tour bag is BDT 3,000 only. It is waterproof and reflective.

  • Fast Gear Leg Bag (MB – 03) – The leg bag is waterproof and multi purpose utility waist. Besides, it is very comfortable to use. The price of the leg bag is BDT 1,200 only.

  • Yamaha Waterproof Backpack (MB – 08 & MB – 12) – There are couple of Yamaha Waterproof Backpacks available in stock with different price ranges. One of them is MB – 12 which is waterproof, utility backpack and reflective. The price is BDT 2,850 only. Other one is MB – 08 which has all the features of MB – 12 but an extra ear plug hole is added there. The backpack is very attractive to look at and the price of the backpack is BDT 4,000 only.

  • Fast Gear Waist Bag (MB – 02) – Waist bag is a necessary thing which consists of multi purpose utility, waterproof and comfortable to use. The price of the waist bag is BDT 1,100 only.

  • Fast Gear Locks (LK – 01 & LK – 10) – There are couple of fast gear locks available. One of them is LK – 01 which consists of 14mm hardened stainless steel, anti theft protection capacity, waterproof and impact resistant cylinder. The price is BDT 1,350 only. Second one is LK – 10 which has double protected lock body, hardened steel close U shackle and 9.5mm hardened steel chain. The current price of the product is BDT 850 only.

  • Fast Gear Lock (LK – 09) – It is a security lock with some advanced features. It has push down locking system, 6mm steel locking pin, ice spray proof and zinc alloy body. Price of the lock is BDT 625 only.

  • Fast Gear Shoe Protector (PR – 10) – There is a shoe protector available which has non-slipped shifter pad for gear shifting along with quick & easy on/off velco strap. The price is BDT 310 only.

  • Fast Gear USB Charger (UC – 4H & UC – 5M) – There are two USB chargers available among Yamaha accessories collection. One of them is UC – 4H which has BDT 590 price included. The other one is UC – 5M. It’s price is BDT 650. Both have same features added but the looks are pretty different. The features are mobile holder with charger function, skid resistance holder base and 360 degree rotation.

  • Yamaha Chain and Chain Sprocket Cleaner (MT – 03) – A chain and chain sprocket cleaner is available there with two different colors. The price is very reasonable which is BDT 215 only.

The accessories are very useful and during long and short ride, rider much use some of these protective things like knee & elbow guard along with gloves and suit. So, from now on a true biker can find most of gear accessories from there.

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