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Best Sports bikes in Bangladesh (1)

Best renowned sports bikes in Bangladesh

There are many types of motorcycle in the world and biker knows where it will run. Different type, condition, style, the feature made difference one bike to another. Actually, the feature is the main fact and it created the difference. Sports, Cafe racer, Dirt bike, Commuter, Cruiser and etc are the types of bike and well-known bikes companies have launched all types of bike. Nowadays peoples are crazy about sports bike and already sports bike created a big market in Worldwide. Bangladeshi bikers are also loved sports bike and sports bike successfully made a huge user. Sports bike will give you sporty feelings and a great look.

In Bangladesh, there are many sports bike launched and took a big market in Bangladesh motorcycle industry. All the young raiders are also a big fan of a sports bike and they buy it. Sports bikes give good riding facility, control, style, and comfort. Here we make Bangladeshi top sports bike list.

Best Sports Bikes in Bangladesh

Name Brand Price
Yamaha R15 V3 Yamaha 485,000/=
Honda CBR 150R Honda 450,000/=
Suzuki GSX-R150 Suzuki 350,000/=
Aprilia RS4 125 Aprilia 575,000/=
KTM RC 125 KTM 410,000/=
Suzuki Gixxer SF Suzuki 279,950/=
Kawasaki Ninja 125 Kawasaki 499,000/-
Taro GP-1 Taro 306,000/=
Taro GP-2 Taro 299,000/=
Lifan KPR 165 Lifan 210,000/=
Loncin GP Loncin 160,000/=
H power CRZ 165 H Power 185,000/=
Roadmaster Rapido 165 Roadmaster 184,000/=
GPX Demon GR 165R GPX


Yamaha R15 V3

Yamaha-R15-V3-Grey Yamaha is one of the greatest Japanese motorcycle brand. They give best quality motorbike and their bike is very famous worldwide. Yamaha made the various motorbike, they have the commuter, sports, off road, cafe racer, etc type bike. ACI motors are first to distribute. Actually, Yamaha’s sports and the commuter bike is most popular in Bangladesh. Yamaha R15 V3 is the third version of Yamaha R15. Yamaha R1 series stole bikers heart when it was first launched. Yamaha R15 V3 has 155 cc engine and it has also 19.04 Bhp @ 10000 rpm power. This engine also 14.7 NM @ 8500 rpm torque. The engine is fully liquid-cooled and it has also 6-speed gearbox. Single disc braking system used in the rear and front side. It will give you 35 km/L in city and 45 km/L highway mileage. We got its top speed of 155 km/h. Yamaha added other many features in this bike and its also give you monster feelings.

Honda CBR 150R

Honda CBR 150R ABS

 Honda is a renowned Japanese motorcycle brand and they also produce different types of motorbike. Honda CBR 150 R is their most famous sports bike and it is also very popular in Bangladesh. Honda CBR 150 R has two version one is the Thai Version which produces from Thailand and another is the Indonesian version which is produced from Indonesia. Indonesian version is also known as Honda 150 R Repsol. Both bikes price is 450,000 taka in Bangladesh. This bike has a powerful engine which able to generate 18.28 Bhp @ 10500 rpm power and it also produces 12.66 Nm @ 8500 rpm torque. Liquid-cooled engine with Electric Start is used in it and also has a wet multi-plate clutch. It has also a very good braking system and Honda gives disc brake in front and rear side. It will give you 35 km/l in city raiding and 45/l in the highway. We caught its top speed of 140 kmph. Honda CBR 150 R also took a big space in Bangladesh motorcycle market and we see a huge user group of Honda CBR 150 R. This is one of the fantastic sports bikes. Now this bike also have dual-channel ABS braking system and the current market price is 480,000 BDT.

Suzuki GSX-R

Suzuki GSXR 150 ABS


 There was a time when Suzuki is one of the most popular bike brands in Bangladesh and it was very famous for its quality. Now, this Japanese brand is also taking place in Bangladesh market. Suzuki has many famous sports bike and Suzuki GSX-R is one of them. Suzuki GSX-R is one of the full faired bikes. Suzuki GSX-R 147.3 cc has 147.3 displacement engine which produces 18.90 Bhp @ 10,500 rpm power. This engine can generate 14 NM @ 9000 rpm torque. Suzuki Gixxer has 6-speed gearbox, electric start and disc brake in the single and rear side. We got 145 kmph the highest speed and it also gives 35 km/l in the city and 45 km/l in the highway. It has also 11-liter capacity fuel tank. Honda CBR 150 is one of the most stylish sports bikes in Bangladesh. Now this motorcycle equipped with a dual-channel ABS braking system and the market is 379,950 BDT. This new version also gets a all new cosmetic and graphics for their 100th year of celebration. 

Aprilia RS4 125

Aprilia RS4

 Aprilia is an Italian brand and they recently launched in Bangladesh. Aprilia is a famous brand in worldwide but in Bangladesh it not popular very much. Recently Aprilia launched their Aprilia RS4 125 in Bangladesh which is a sports bike. This is 125 cc bike and the fixed its price 575,000 taka. Aprilia RS 125 looks very dashing and its displacement engine is 124.2cc. Its engine power is 14.8 BHP @ 10500 rpm and it can produce 10.9 NM @ 8250 rpm torque. This four-stroke, fuel injection engine has 6-speed gearbox. Front and the rear brake is disc brake and they give it 14.5 liters fuel tank. This dashing bike is available in Bangladesh.

KTM RC 125

KTM RC 125 Orange

KTM is an Austrian motorcycle brand and it is already popular in India. Last year some importers in Bangladesh launched this bike in Bangladesh. This 125cc bike has 124.7 cc displacement engine which will give you awesome acceleration and ready pickup. It is able to make top speed within a few seconds and its control is also very good. KTM RC weight is 135 KG and air cooled engine. We caught its top speed 125 kmph and got 35 kmpl in city, 45 kmpl in the highway. Its engine power is (14.8 Bhp) 15 HP @ 9500 rpm and it also produces you 11.8 Nm @ 8000 rpm torque. A disc brake is used in front and rear side. It will give you real sporty feelings and this speedy bike will steal your mind when you will ride it the first time.

Suzuki Gixxer SF

Suzuki Gixxer SF 150 2020

  Suzuki Gixxer SF is another version of Suzuki Gixxer. This is a full faired bike, it already takes a good space in the young generation. Suzuki Gixxer SF has also made a good market in Bangladesh. Suzuki Gixxer SF has 14.1 BHP @ 8000 rpm powerful engine and it will give you 14 NM @ 6000 rpm torque. The bike is made with 4 stroke air cooled engine which has 5-speed gearbox,  electric start system. Suzuki Gixxer SF has a disc braking system in front and rear side. We got its milage 45 km/l and caught its top speed 130 kmph. The maximum buyer of Suzuki Gixxer are young and they interested to buy it for its looks and riding comfortability. The new and updated version of this bike also equipped with single-channel ABS braking system and FI BS IV approved engine. It also mounted with all LED light set-up and stunning headlight unit. 

Kawasaki Ninja 125

Kawasaki Ninja 125

 Kawasaki is one of the leading and popular Japanese motorcycle manufacturer in the world. They are mainly famous for their higher segments sports and off-road bikes. After 25 years, they have launched the Baby Ninja 125 in the market. This motorcycle is basically made for to capture the young generation riders. This bike equipped with a Liquid-cooled, single-cylinder, four-stroke, four-valve, DOHC, 125cc engine that can burn out 15 bhp maximum power at 10,000 rpm and 11.7 Nm of torque at 7,700 rpm. The design and color graphics of this bike sourcing from its elder Ninja siblings. It has two variations, one is regular version and another one is special version.

Taro GP-1

Taro GP 1 is another sports bike and it’s also launched last year. Taro is an Italian bike brand and its assemble in China. They launched Taro GP-1 and Taro GP-2 in Bangladesh. Taro GP 1 has imported by Taro Bangla and they also marketing in Bangladesh market. Taro GP-1 is a sports bike. Taro GP-1 has 16 bhp @ 8500 RPM engine power and its generate 14.5 Nm @ 7000 rpm torque. Its engine is 4 stroke, single cylinder, water cooled and it electric start system. Six-speed gearbox on its bottom and also dual disc in the front line and a single disc in the rear. It will give you 30 km/l mileage in city and 40 km/l mileage in highway road. We got its top speed of 135 km/h. This bike will give you sporty feelings and also give you the best acceleration and comfort.

Taro GP-2

Taro GP-2 Sport Ninja Green

Taro GP-2 is also known as Predator and it is another full faired sports bike of Taro. It is 150cc displacement motorbike and here in Bangladesh, its price is 275,000 taka. Taro GP-2 has a single cylinder water cooled engine. Its top speed is 135 km per hour and mileage is 40 km/l. Taro GP-2 gives you dual disc brake in front and single disc brake in the rear side. Taro GP-2 is also attractive looking bike and also able to give the best comfort ride.

Lifan KPR 165

Lifan KPR 165 Fi

 Lifan KPR 165 is a Chinese brand motorcycle which is produced by Lifan. Lifan first launched Lifan KPR in Bangladesh, after that they launched Lifan KPR 150 V2 and Lifan KPR 165. Lifan KPR 150 is also well-known motorcycle and it took a big market place in Bangladesh motorcycle market. Lifan included it FI (Fuel injection) system and other many new features. Lifan KPR 165 has 165cc displacement engine and its engine has 17 Bhp @ 8000 rpm maximum power. The engine can produce 17 Nm torque. This four-stroke single cylinder engine has a liquid cooling system and electric start. Actually, Rasen Industry imports Lifan bike and they give 210,000 taka its price. Lifan KPR and Lifan KP is also a popular bike and these two bikes also make a good market in Bangladesh.

Loncin GP

Loncin GP 150 Black

 Loncin another Chinese manufactured motorcycle company and it is available in Bangladesh. Loncin GP is recently an assembled in Bangladesh. Loncin GP 150 is also a very comfortable and good controlling sports bike. Loncin GP engine power is 14.8 Bhp @ 8500 rpm and it also produces 14 Nm @ 6500 rpm torque. It has oil cool 4 stroke engine which starts with an electric starter. They used disc brake in front and rear side. Loncin GP price is 180,000 in Bangladesh. Actually H power is selling Loncin GP in Bangladesh and also they assemble it in here. Loncin GP has 6-speed gearbox.

H power CRZ 165

H Power CRZ 165 Black

 H Power CRZ is another sports bike of H Power and it is 165 cc bike. H Power CRZ is a very attractive bike and it has many smart features. Its 165 displacement engine has 4 strokes, single cylinder air-cooled engine. Also, it has an electric start system. Its 14.1 bhp(10.5kw) / 8000rpm powerful engine can produce 13.5 Nm /6500 rpm torque. Its braking system is disc brake in front and rear. If you want to buy this one then you have to count 180,000 taka.

Roadmaster Rapido 165

Roadmaster Rapido 165 Blue

 Roadmaster want to create a motorcycle market with mid-range bikers and for that, they give sports bike at low cost. Roadmaster is a Bangladeshi origin company which imports parts from China and assembles in Bangladesh. Roadmaster Rapido 165 is one of their sports bikes and give its price 170,000 takas. Roadmaster Rapido has various feature. Its engine is four stroke, single cylinder air cooled engine and its maximum power is 15.3 Bhp/8000 rpm which can make 14.6 Nm/6000 rpm torque. Roadmaster also uses disc brake in front and rear side. Its top speed is 132 km/h and 32 km/l mileage we got in city raiding. You will get 40 km/l in the highway ride we hope. Roadmaster Rapido 165 is one of the budget sports bike and its ability to fill up your all demand.

GPX Demon GR 165R

GPX is one of the leading motorcycle brand of Thailand. GPX Demon GR 165R is one of the great looking motorcycle with amazing engine performance. . The powertrain of Demon GR 165R comes from a Single Cylinder, Liquid-Cooled, 4-Stroke, 2-Valves, SOHC, 164cc engine that can produce 17.2 Bhp maximum power at 9000 rpm and 16.8 Nm of torque at 6500 rpm. GPX installed fuel injection technology which they sourced from the American brand Delphi. The engine mated with a 6-speed gearbox and wet multi-plate clutch for better and smooth transmission. GPX installed Trellis frame underneath the body to make it strong. This motorcycle doesn’t offer any CBS or ABS braking system but the braking power comes through a 276 mm disc in front and 220 mm disc brake in the rear wheel. This motorcycle can provide a 35 km/l average mileage. The price of this motorcycle is 2,99,900 BDT.

Here the top sports bikes list of Bangladesh. You can get all the necessary informatin in the hyperlinks for specific bikes. 

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