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Moto Madness BD 2024 (Overview and winners list) (1)

Moto Madness BD 2024 (Overview and winners list)

Nowadays biker communities are raised in vast numbers across the country, and almost every weekend various biker clubs and groups organize different types of biking-centric events here and there. Sometimes those events come in the limelight and something confined among themselves. Off-road tracking is the most anticipated event in the biking community, in the last couple of days, numerous off-road tracing are organized as the sub-event of any bikers get together. It was speculated that something is going to happen with off-road tracing, Moto Madness BD is the grand event’s first-ever off-road track-trained adventure contest in Bangladesh. Bangladesh Biking Community arranged this gala event “Moto Madness BD” with the collaboration of DeshiBiker, the largest biker community in Bangladesh. Although DeshiBiker was the media partner of the event, the team played a significant role in leading the event successfully.

Yamaha Motorcycle was as title sponsor of Moto Madness BD, CEAT Tyres, Heromoso, GearX, Motocare, Lifan, TwinCore MotorBike Workshop, Easy Life, Man Auto, and Bike Point sponsored the event.


This event took place in Sylhet one of the hilly sites of Bangladesh, on 8 March 2024 Friday. An expert Indian team was assigned to design the track properly, they came to Sylhet two days before the event and designed the track, and were in the act of invigilators. A medical team was appointed to ensure first-aid medical support and the enthusiast volunteers team provided all sorts of emergencies to riders. Bikers started to join the event in the early morning, approximately 700 bikers attended the day-long event from different parts of the country and 50 bikers participated in the contest. The contest was categorized into two segments commuter and dirt segment, all participants got two laps to complete the ride, and riders who completed the race within the lowest times qualified for the final round. Ten participants qualified for the final round in the commuter segment and five participants qualified in the dirt segment.

In the final round, all the finalists had to complete three laps within the lowest time. Winners received a demi-check, handed covered by the organizers. Champions received 30,000/- BDT and runner-ups and second runner-ups received 15,000/- BDT and 5,000/- BDT respectively. Raffle draw winners were also given exclusive gifts and honorable sponsors received honorium crest.

Winners Of Motomadness BD 2024

Winners List
Commuter Segment  Dirt Segment 
Khan Hasan CRZ (Campion) Abu Shaeed (Champion)
Touhid Bappy (Runner Up) Michael (Runner Up)
MD Abu Sayid Islam (2nd runner-up) Rahat O (2nd Runner Up)

In the commuter segment, Khan Hasan CRZ stood as the champion who completed the ride within 16:25:48 minutes. Touhid Bappy, runner up finished the line in 16:30:15 followed by MD Abu Sayid Islam took 16:45:30. On the other hand, in the dirt segment Abu Shaeed, Michael, and Rahat O eliminated other participants. Abu Shaeed took 16:38:01 minutes to finish the race, Michael, and Rahat O completed the track within 16:48:05 and 17:02:56 minutes respectively.

All winners and participants enjoyed the contest and expressed their feelings, all bikers who attended the event were given exclusive t-shirt, vest, (racers only) cap, lunch, and snacks The organizers assured that they are very happy with the spontaneous attendance of bikers throughout Bangladesh and they will continue the flagship event every year.  After prize giving ceremony the event ended with a melodious concert.

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