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When to change your helmet_

When to replace your helmet

A helmet is the most important and safety riding kit of a rider. You can not ride a motorcycle without wearing a helmet which is strictly followed by every country in the world. Motorcycles do pump your adrenalin but riding a motorcycle is not safe. You must wear riding gear to ride safely. Among the riding gears, a helmet is the most important because it protects your head. Motorcycle experts say, ‘A helmet must be your most expensive riding gear after your motorcycle’.

If we looked at some accidental surveys, then 70% of motorcycle riders died because of a head injury that’s how big this issue is. People are now conscious to wear helmets. There are many helmet brands that are now doing their business in Bangladesh and selling regular to high-quality helmets. Helmets are made with polycarbonate, tri-composite, carbon fiber materials. So it’s hard to break easily. But you can not wear a helmet for your lifetime. It’s also has a lifespan. So, let’s talk about when you should change your helmet.

Helmet Age:

Like the other thing, a helmet also has a lifetime. Experts say, you should use your helmet for up to 5 years, and if you already wear it for five years then through it off or put it on your showcase. Helmet manufacturers also mention the 5 years of the expiration date of a helmet. But why a helmet only has 5 years of a lifetime?

well, helmets are made with different components and materials. Such as the Shell made of polycarbonate, tri-composite, or carbon fiber material. These materials have a time limit to expire. If you wear your helmet consistently for a long time, it becomes exposed to weather, dirt, UV rays, and other elements that you may not think about having an effect on the integrity of your helmet. These things weaken the resins and glues that hold it together.

Cause of an accident:

If you recently experienced an accident then it’s time to replace your old helmet. When you experienced an accident, the helmet also got damaged by the hit. You should look at the helmet carefully to find if there is any damage sign or fracture. If you notice even a color fading then don’t wear that helmet. A broken or damaged helmet will not provide you enough protection from any kind of accident or incident.


When we use a product every day or constantly, that product expired quickly and it also applicable for a helmet. Many of us think that we can use our helmet until it gets damage or fracture. But this is a myth. The true thing is when we use our helmet regularly it gets damage by wind, dust, rain UV rays as we mentioned at the top. But if you take proper maintenance of your helmet then you can use it for a long time.

Helmet became loose:

A helmet must be tightened with your jaw. Not only a helmet protect your head, it also provides safety for your face. When you wear a loose-fitting helmet it will cause you many problems and will come out from your head if you experience any slight accident. So a helmet must be attached properly to your jaw for better protection. When you wear a helmet for a long time the padding gets loose and can not fit anymore. So if you facing this problem then change your helmet immediately.

Lock Failure:

A strap or locking system is very important for a helmet. Because it ensures the stability of the helmet. If your lock doesn’t work properly then it will suffer you such as the helmet won’t fit properly in your head and will come out to a slight accident. Your helmet chin strap is a critical component to keeping your helmet on your head. If this part does not work properly then it might be time to buy a new helmet or find a chin strap replacement.

Interior and exterior deteriorating:

Interior means the padding and foam inside of the helmet and this part deteriorate first than the exterior. When we use our helmets for a long time the interior parts get damaged by the sweat and heat of our body. If you don’t clean your padding in time it will expire quickly than your expectation. The other thing is the inner EPS. It absorbs the shock when you hit by an accident. When it gets damaged it doesn’t absorb the impact properly. The exterior part of your helmet is the outer shell. It made with durable materials like polycarbonate, tri-composite, or carbon fiber material. But small damage, cracks can be harmful to a helmet. The shell is the first point of contact during an accident. Therefore this part should be very strong and durable. Any cracks in the shell will instantly expose your head to injury if you are in an accident.

So, these are the things you should consider to replace your old helmet. Never risk your life because of the money and always try to wear a certified helmet for better protection. Your helmet can last a while if your store it properly and perform regular maintenance. You should still consider the age and usage of your helmet when deciding to buy a new one.

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