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motorcycle vs car oil

Motorcycle Oil Vs Car Oil – How To Recognize The Motorcycle Oil

In recent time in different types of Facebook groups it has been seen that people are using different car oils or car lubricants into their bikes and also used to suggest others to do the same. So, after so many speculations I would like to share the post with you which was written long ago. Many people are using car oils into their precious motorcycles without any hesitation and different types of biking related group and pages, they are suggesting others about this. But they do not aware that they are doing a silent damage to their bikes and the effect will be very negative. Let’s have some discussion about this two types of vehicles lubrication system.


# Car: For car, engine oil has to use for engine lubrication and for clutch and gear, there are gear oil available and has to use. So, clutch and gear could not be lubricated through the cars gear oil because they have lack of some elements like ‘Anti Clutch Slip Additives’. If this element Additives included into the oil which used to be marked as “JASO – MA” (Japanese Automotive Standards Organization) certificate. So, the cars oil are not approved by the certificate.

# Motorcycle: For motorcycle lubrication, there is one oil used (excluding Royal Enfield, all kinds of two stroke and scooter bikes) which is lubricating the engine component, clutch and gear system. So, there is ‘Anti Clutch Slip Additives’ added into motorcycle oil. Due to the reason, motorcycle oil is approved by JASO – MA or MA2 certificate. Besides, 4T has been written on most of the motorcycle oils. However, there is not “Friction Modifier” additives into the JASO – MA certificated oil.

# Some Questions and Answer about the topic:


# Question: What is ‘Anti Clutch Slip Additives’?

# Answer: It is one kind of chemical element which used to check clutch slip. It is mixed into bike oil and gear oil during the time to process.


# Question: What will happen if car oil is used into bike?

# Answer: By using car oil into the bike, there will be no instant effect. But will run smoothly as well. But there is no ‘Anti Clutch Slip Additives’ into the car oil and so, the clutch will slip. ‘Friction Modifier Additives’ are used into car oil where ‘Anti Clutch Slip Additives’ is absent there. So, by using car oil long time, the durability of clutch plate will reduce and gear shifting would be much harder than before.


# Question: How to recognize motorcycle oil?

# Answer:

  • JASO – MA or MA2 will be written on any sides of the bottle of motorcycle oil. It is the prime way to recognize motorcycle oil.
  • Besides, “4T” or “4 Takt” or “Motorcycle Oil” would be written on the bottle of motorcycle oil. (It is the easiest way but sometimes, it would not be written as well)
  • API – S’ X’/ CF (X= G, L, M, N etc) sign will not be marked on the bottle of motorcycle oil. Only API – SG or SL or SM or SN will be written, CF will not. Along with it JASO – MA or MA2 certificate will be approved.


# Question: But bro, by using car oil, bike has become more smooth which is absent in same price range bike oil, what is the reason behind it?

# Answer: Yes bro, in the car oil there is no ‘Anti Clutch Slip Additives’ element but ‘Friction Modifier Additives’ is present. So, using such types of oil, engine can be some more smooth than same category and same price range bike oil. It has a large discussion and so, we can skip it. But car oil is very harmful to the clutch and gear of the bike and so, do not use it.

There are some common and good quality car oils are available in current market and I have provided their list below which are used on bike as mistaken.

  • BP Oils (Super V & Visco)
  • Mobil Special
  • PTT Performa
  • Castrol GTX
  • Mobil 1 (Excluding Racing 4T)
  • Total Quartz
  • Kixx G
  • HPX
  • Shell Helix (Shell Advance is for motorcycle)


Written by: Sahed Ahsan Abir [Moderator at Fuel Injection Club BD- FCB]

Translated by: Ariful Islam (Apu)

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