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Best 20 Motorcycles Under 1 Lakh Taka Budget in Bangladesh

At the present in Bangladesh, more than forty brands already introduced their almost two hundred different cc bikes where most of those almost expensive. But also there are a few bikes available which prices are almost below than BDT 1,00,000. Those are comparatively easier to buy for middle class people. A large amount of people in Bangladesh uses motorcycle for different purposes and they want to buy a bike which can give them comfortable along with good mileage that comes in a reasonable and economic budget. Now, focusing on the people’s demand, here we present the top quality motorbikes within 1,00,000 BDT which are leading in Bangladeshi market.

Best 20 Motorcycles in Bangladesh within 1 Lack Budget

Hayate EP
RKS 100
Metro 100cc
Honda CD80 79cc 96,000
Honda Dream Neo 110cc
Hero HF Dawn 100cc 95,000
Walton Fusion 125EX 125cc 95,000
Runner Dayang Bullet 100cc 91,000
Honda Dream 110 110cc 91,500
HF Deluxe 100cc
Race  City 100 100cc 87,000
Keeway Magnet 100cc 86,900
Roadmaster Delight 100cc 84,900
Dayun Plight 110cc 83,900
Runner Freedom  F100 6A 100cc 84,000
Runner Cheeta 100cc 73,000
Runner Dayang Deluxe AD80s 80cc 70,000
Runner Dayang Deluxe 80cc 69,000
H Power Star 80 80cc 68,000
Walton Leo 90 86cc 67,000

Suzuki Hayate EP

Suzuki Hayate is one of the best selling 110cc commuter motorcycles available in Bangladesh. Recently they have launched the updated version of this bike called Hayate EP which current price is 99,950 BDT. Due to brand value, it’s price a little higher than any same segment bike but it’s performance is undoubtedly better than others.

Keeway RKS 100

Keeway bikes are popular in Bangladesh for a reasonable price and attractive smart design. Keeway RKS 100 is a respective product of Keeway where the brand origin is Hungary. RKS 100 is a standard category motorcycle which has a muscular body with stylish and sporty seating position. The machine consists of 5.5 kW max power and comes at a price of 99,990 BDT.

TVS Metro

TVS Metro is a product of TVS which is an entry level 100 cc commuter. The bike is very popular due to reasonable price tag and attractive mileage. Consists of 5.50 kW max power @ 7500 rpm, the highest speed of this bike is 90 km per hour reportedly. The current price of this bike is 97,999 BDT.

Honda CD80

Among 80cc bikes, we have to consider Honda CD80 as the best due to the Japanese brand which current price is 96,000. Due to brand value, it’s price a little higher than any same segment bike but it’s performance is undoubtedly better than others.

Honda Dream Neo

Honda Dream Neo is a leading product of Dream series by Japanese manufacturer Honda which is a 110 cc bike. It is an entry level standard commuter which is currently available in five different shades. Consists of 8.25 Bhp max power, Dream Neo can make 86 km per hour top speed. It has started to dominate the motorcycle market for its standard looks, better mileage and cheap price which is 97,000 BDT.

Hero HF Dawn

Hero HF Dawn is a standard commuter category product of Hero which is a leading two wheeler manufacturer in India. HF Dawn is a 100 cc motorcycle consists of 8.2 Bhp @ 8000 rpm max power that comes at 95,000 BDT. It can run with 85 km per hour top speed and the approximate mileage is 70 km.

Walton Fusion 125EX

Walton Fusion 125 EX is just an upgrade version of Walton Fusion 125 which is standard category bike consists of 124.9cc displacement. Under one lac, it would be the best choice which is made by Euro3 standard engine and fuel efficient technology. Added a kit of both side of fuel tank gives the bike complete new look. However, the bike has almost new features like complete digital speedometer with 15 litres fuel tank capacity. Consists of five speed gears, Fusion 125EX can run with 100 km/h.

Dayang Runner Bullet

Dayang Runner Bullet is a product of Runner which is 100 cc motorcycle available in all over the Bangladesh right now. Runner Bullet consists of 100.54 cc engine displacement which has 4.8 kW max power. Runner Bullet 100 is one of the top entry level commuter in Bangladesh which can run with highest 100 km per hour. The price is 91,000 BDT

Honda Dream 110

Honda Dream 110 is a standard commuter motorcycle from the Japanese brand. This bike gets a 110cc BS-IV approved engine that can burn out 8.2 Bhp maximum power and 9.1 Nm of torque. It large pillion grabrail and twin shock absorber will help to carry luggage. Honda made this bike mainly for daily commuting and rural riding.

Hero HF Deluxe

Hero HF Deluxe is a 100cc bike which is manufactured by Indian company Hero but assembled in Bangladesh. The motorcycle has 97.2 cc engine which can manage 5.74 kW @ 75000 rpm max power with 8.04 Nm @ 4500 rpm max torque. The bike can provide more than 65 km mileage average and run with 85 km per hour top speed.

Race City 100

Race City is a product of Race and the brand is the origin of Bangladesh. The bike is a 100 cc standard category which is assembled in China. The engine consists of SOHC air cooled and two valve added with 7.37 Bhp max power. The current price of the bike Race City is BDT 87,000 reportedly.

Keeway Magnet 100

Keeway Magnet is a product of Keeway which is a 100 cc standard bike. Keeway is the origin of Hungary but the bike Magnet is assembled in China. Powered by 99.7 cc engine, Keeway has 5.5 kW max power and can make almost 95 km per hour top speed regularly.

Roadmaster Delight

Roadmaster Delight is a 100 cc standard bike which is a product of local brand Roadmaster in Bangladesh. The bike Delight assembled in Bangladesh which consists of 98.53 cc actual displacement. The bike generates 4.5 kW max power and reported top speed of the bike is 80 kmph. Current price in Bangladesh is BDT 84,900 only.

Dayun Plight 110

Dayun Plight 110 is a standard category and a product of Dayun. The bike and the product are assembled in China which is powered by 108.68 cc engine. It can generate 4.9 kW max power. Current price in Bangladesh is BDT 83,900 only.

Freedom Runner F – 100 6A

Runner is a reputed brand which has many models of motorbikes in Bangladesh where Freedom is one of the best. They recently unleashed Freedom Runner F – 100 6A model bike in Bangladesh which looks is almost similar with Honda CD125. Due to it’s body structure, three passengers can easily ride on it. However, Runner is regarded as the only company which introduced a large number of models in their showroom and so, no one can turn their back from it due to budget. If your budget is less than 1,00,000, then can take Runner F – 100 6A without any doubt which cost almost 84,000.

Runner Cheeta

Runner Cheeta is one of the most sold motorcycle of Runner in Bangladesh which is a standard category bike powered by 100 cc engine displacement. This is one of the best 100 cc bike in most reasonable price which consists of 5.2 kW max power. Runner Cheeta used to provide more than 60 km mileage average reportedly.

Dayang Runner Deluxe AD80s

Runner Deluxe AD80s is a popular 80 cc bike in Bangladesh which is the product of Runner. Runner AD80s consists of 79 cc engine with 4.8 kW max power. Consists of 60 km average mileage, the price of AD80s is BDT 70,000. It’s top speed is more than 70 km per hour reportedly.

Dayang Runner Deluxe

Dayang Runner Deluxe is a 80 cc motorcycle which is placed in standard category. It is the product of Runner which is the leading motorcycle manufacturer in Bangladesh. Consists of 4.8 kW max power, the top speed of Runner Deluxe is 80 km per hour reportedly.

H Power Star 80

H Power Star 80 cc is not the large motorcycle for its dimension. But this is one of the prominent and commuter motorcycle from the domestic brand H Power LTD. This fuel economical bike gets a 80 cc displacement engine. This two wheeler is mainly suitable for rural areas.

Walton Leo 90

Leo 90 is an old fashioned motorcycle made by Bangladeshi company Walton. Leo 90 is one of few models which released at the beginning by targeting some selective amount of customers demand. Providing more than 70 km mileage, Leo 90 is one of the most fuel efficient bike in this segment.

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