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FZs Fi Vs Hornet

Honda CB Hornet 160R Vs Yamaha FZs FI V2: Comparison, Which one is better?

Honda and Yamaha both are Japanese brands which used to manufacture bikes since long. Honda and Yamaha both are considered as the best two bike manufacturer in the World and both are heavy demanded in Bangladesh. Due to Japanese origin, both Yamaha and Honda have very reliable engine. Recently in Bangladesh, Honda has launched their product CB Hornet 160R which is a naked sports bike. Now, people are considering the bike with a Yamaha same segment bike named FZs FI V2.0. The question is which one will be better choice. FZs can be regarded as one of the best creation of Yamaha in Bangladesh in the segment which has dominated the market since long where CB Hornet 160R is a newborn product. It is yet to get proved but hopefully like before the product of Honda would not disappoint the customers. Today we will talk about the details comparison between Honda CB Hornet 160R and Yamaha FZs FI V2.0. Let’s see their details below.

Honda CB Hornet 160R Vs Yamaha FZs FI V2.0

COMPARE Honda CB Hornet 160R Yamaha FZs FI V2.0
Type Sports Sports
Origin Japan Japan
Engine Air Cooled, 4 Stroke, SI Engine Air cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC, 2-valve
Displacement 162.71 cc 149 cc
Maximum Power 15.04 BHP @ 8500 rpm 12.9 Bhp @ 8000 rpm
Maximum Torque 14.76 NM @ 6500 rpm 12.8 Nm @ 6000 rpm
No. of Cylinders 1 1
Cooling Air Cooled Air Cooled
No. of Gear 5 5
Starting system Self Start Self Start
Clutch Wet Multi-plate Wet, multiple-disc
Kerb Weight 140 kg 132 kg
Length 2041 mm 1990 mm
Width 783 mm 770 mm
Height 1067 mm 1050 mm
Seat Height 790 mm 790 mm
Wheelbase 1346 mm 1330 mm
Fuel Tank Capacity 12 liters 12 liters
Top Speed
120 kmph 120 kmph
Mileage 45 kmpl 45 kmpl
Front Tyre 100/80-17 100/80-17M/C (52P)NYLOGRIP ZAPPER-FX1
Rear Tyre 140/70-17 140/60-R17M/C (63P)revz-Y
Price 192,900 BDT 210,000 BDT
More Details CB Hornet 160R Full Specification FZs FI V2 Full Specification
  • Looks – Honda CB Hornet 160R and Yamaha FZs FI V2.0 are the two different designed bike. Just one thing is common about them. It is the rear tyre. Both bikes have 140 section rear tyre each. So, the rear end of both FZs and Hornet are eye catching wide. Both Hornet and FZs have bigger fuel tank where FZs and Hornet both available with all new different shades. Yamaha has decent front end with stylish splitted seating position. It has well decorated handlebar with attractive headlamp. The engine is fully naked which has no engine guard. On the other side, Honda Hornet also has naked engine with sharp looking fuel tank. It has single plate seating position with sporty handlebar. The bike also has sharee guard for female pillion. Two bikes are attractive in different ways. So, it depends on the riders to make a choice between them.


  • Engine Performance – Honda CB Hornet 160R and Yamaha FZs FI V2.0 both are Japanese origin products and so, their engines are much more reliable and same rated. Honda CB Hornet has 162.71 cc engine which consists four stroke and SI technology. Besides, the engine can released 15.04 Bhp max power nad 14.76 Nm max torque. It has five speed gearbox with wet multi plate clutch. The engine is air cooled instead of water cooled. Basically we can see in the sports segmented bikes that they used to possess water cooled or liquid cooled or oil cooled engine but in both FZs and CB Hornet does not have such types of cooling system but both has air cooled engine. FZs is powered by 149 cc engine which consists of four stroke, SOHC and two valve engine that can create 12.9 Bhp max power and 12.8 Bhp max torque.


  • Suspension & Brake – The suspensions of both FZs and CB Hornet are very good and in both case, they ensure proper comfort even during long ride. Honda CB Hornet 160R has front telescopic suspension and rear monoshock absorber is added. On the other side, in FZs FI V2.0 there is front telescopic fork and rear mono cross swingarm suspension added. Both are very reliable quality suspensions. Besides, the braking of both bikes are very good. CB Hornet is available with front and rear disc brake. The front disc is 176 mm and rear disc is 220 mm with single pot nissin caliper. The FZs FI V2.0 is also available in two different braking versions. Single disc brake and double disc brake versions. So, riders will decide what he is going to need actually. In double disc braking version, front disc is bigger which is 282 mm and rear disc is 220 mm.


  • Comfort & Control: If we are looking to the comfort of Yamaha FZs FI V2.0 and Honda CB Hornet 160R, we must admit that both bikes will provide great comfort no doubt. Both bikes have very thick and wide seating position where FZs has splitted seat but they are skid resistance. On the other side, CB Hornet has single plate seating position that is also very comfortable. But if we consider the controlling between two bikes, we must keep ahead Yamaha FZs FI V2.0 in that case. It has double and single disc braking version and since the beginning the bike used to provide better controlling to all types of riders. Due to disc and drum braking combination, the bike is very secured no doubt. Even amateur people can easily control the bike. But obviously Honda CB Hornet also provides great controlling but comparatively we can keep ahead FZs.


  • Fuel Consumption: Good mileage is much more appreciated in the circumstances of Bangladesh. People used to look for design, brand and mileage first here. Now we are going to compare FZs and Hornet considering mileage. FZs has BS4 engine with Blue Core technology added. So, in the new version of FZs used to provide good mileage comparatively. Reportedly the average mileage of the bike is 45 km. On the other side, consists of all updated features Honda CB Hornet 160R was launched. So, it is also fuel efficient bike in the segment. The reported average mileage of Hornet is 45 km.


  • Top Speed: Speed of a bike is just another desiring thing. Young generation used to find great speed into the bikes. In the case of speed, both Hornet and FZs are almost same. Though, FZs is not good for speed where Hornet 160R has great acceleration. But reportedly both bikes used to provide almost 120 kmph top speed. In that case, we must keep ahead Honda CB Hornet 160R than Yamaha FZs FI V2.0.


  • Price: The price range of Yamaha bikes are higher than Honda in Bangladesh. So, between Hornet and Yamaha FZs, the price of FZs is higher. Reportedly Yamaha FZs FI V2.0 is available in Bangladesh in exchange for BDT 2,10,000 only and Honda CB Hornet 160R is available in Bangladesh in exchange for BDT 1,92,100.

Both Honda CB Hornet 160R and Yamaha FZs FI V2.0 are almost same segmented bikes. People are often confuse about the best choice between them. Hopefully above discussion will help them to decide better. Here we stated the complete comparison between this two bikes and so, at a glance you can find them too. Within a reasonable price range, Honda CB Hornet 160R will be a good choice but Yamaha FZs has a great record in Bangladesh considering reliability though it’s price is higher than same segment bikes.

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