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Best Naked Sports Bike In Bangladesh 2023

Sports Bike made a big market in Bangladesh and nowadays people want to buy a sports bike for its looking, engine quality and control. Different Bangladeshi companies made a market for sports bike in Bangladesh. The young generation is the actual fan of the sports bike. There are two types of sports bike faired and naked. Faired bikes mean which has a stylish body kit and naked bikes mean without body kits bike. Sometimes we see the same bikes naked and faired version. Here we make a list of the best-naked sports bike in Bangladesh.

Best Naked Sports Bikes in Bangladesh

Brand Price (BDT)
Honda CB 150 Exmotion Honda 550,000/-
KTM Duke 125 KTM 605,000/-
Kawasaki Z125 Kawasaki 419,000/-
Yamaha MT-15 Yamaha 430,000/-
Suzuki GSX-S 150 Suzuki 350,000/-
KTM Duke 125 (Indian) KTM 355,000/-
Yamaha FZs FI V3 Yamaha 262,500/-
Suzuki Gixxer 155 (New) Suzuki 266,950/-
Zontes ZT155-U Zontes 349,000/-
Bajaj Pulsar N160 Bajaj 265,000/-
TVS Apache RTR 4V TVS 229,990/-
Honda CB Hornet Honda 208,500/-


Honda CB 150 ExMotion

Last year Honda launched their one of the best sports bike Honda CB 150 ExMotion. It’s a naked sports bike and its price is 575,000 taka fixed by Honda. Honda Exmotion has a 150cc displacement engine and its engine is Single-Cylinder, DOHC, Liquid-Cooled, 4-Valve which is one of the best engines of the motorbike. It can make 20 HP maximum power and this bike has also a six-speed gearbox. Honda used 296mm Single Disc in the front braking and 220mm Single Disc in the rear with dual-channel ABS. Honda gives it only an electric starting system. This bike is looking like a cafe racer but when you ride it you will get sports feelings.

Honda CB 150 ExMotion Full Specification

Naked Sports Bike In Bangladesh


KTM Duke 125 (European)

KTM Duke is a naked sports bike which has Austrian origin. KTM Duke recently launched in Bangladesh and its price is BDT 605,000/- taka. The European version of KTM Duke 125 looks premium for its attractive looks and features. It looks more sharp and solid than the Indian one. It equipped with a double overhead camshaft, 4-valve, liquid cooled, 124.7 cc engine that can produce 14.3 Bhp maximum power and 12 Nm of torque.

KTM Duke 125 (European) Full Specification


Kawasaki Z125

The reputed Kawasaki Z series gets a new model called Z125. This naked machine is powered by 4-valve, 4-stroke liquid-cooled 125cc engine which can generate 15 HP @ 10,000 rpm maximum power and 11.7 Nm @ 7,700 rpm torque which offers good acceleration.The expected price of this bike is 4,19,000 BDT only.

Kawasaki Z125 Full Specification

Yamaha MT 15 White Orange

Yamaha MT

Yamaha MT is one of the great naked sports bikes of Yamaha. They recently launched it in Bangladesh. Yamaha MT is also looking very like a monster and it is also a powerful naked sports bike. Yamaha gives it a 3-cylinder, liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, DOHC, 4-valves engine which can make 84.6 kW (115PS) @ 10,000 rpm power and its also able to create 87.5 Nm (8.9 kg-m) @ 8,500 rpm maximum torque. Its front brake is a hydraulic dual-disc, 298 mm and the rare brake is a Hydraulic single disc, 245 mm. You can only start this motorcycle with an electric starter.

Yamaha MT Full Specification

Suzuki GSX - S150 Matte black

Suzuki GSX-S

Suzuki GSX-S is another special naked sports bike that is produced by Suzuki. Suzuki gives it a powerful engine with many new features. This engine will produce 18.2 BHP @ 10,500 rpm maximum power and it is also able to generate 13.8 NM @ 8500 rpm torque. It has an electric and kicker starting system. The disc brake is used in front and rare side in this motorcycle. The price tag is 350,000/= BDT. We caught its top speed 130 kmph and Suzuki GSX-S will give you 40 kmpl average mileage.

Suzuki GSX-S Full Specification

KTM Duke

KTM Duke is a naked sports bike which is an Austrian brand. KTM Duke recently launched in Bangladesh and its price is 550,000 taka. Its engine is a single cylinder 4 stroke air cool engine. Its engine power is a maximum of 15 Bhp @ 9500 rpm and this engine will produce you 11.8 Nm @ 8000 rpm torque. KTM Duke will give you 35 km/l in city riding, 45 km/l in highway riding, and 40 km/l. KTM Duke has an awesome braking system its braking is the difference between another naked bike. We got its top speed of 130 kmph. KTM Duke also gives you good control and comfort riding feelings.

KTM Duke 125 Full Specification

Naked Sports Bike In Bangladesh

Yamaha FZS FI V3

Yamaha recently launched the upgrade version of FZS which will be known as FZS v3. This bike comes with a stunning body design and an eye-catching color scheme. The design gets inspiration from its elder sibling FZ25. Its engine remains the same as Air-cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC, 2-valve and it can generate 12.9 Bhp @ 8000 rpm maximum power and 12.8 Nm @ 6000 rpm torque. The other feature of this bike is the air cooling system, electric start, and fuel injection. We got its top speed of 120 kmpl and average mileage close to 45 km/L. Yamaha FZS FI V3 has282 mm Hydraulic disc brake in front and a 220 mm disc brake in the rear. This motorcycle is also customized with a standard single-channel ABS braking system.

Yamaha FZS FI V3 full specification


Suzuki Gixxer 155 (New)

This one is the latest and updated version of Gixxer 155. This new edition launched with all-new graphics, color scheme, design and all-LED headlight unit. It was launched in India in 2019 but In Bangladesh in 2020. This edition launched with two different variations, one is carburetor with ABS and another one FI with ABS. This new Gixxer is equipped with a Single Cylinder, 4-Stroke, 2 Valves, SOHC, 155cc engine that can burn out 14.1 Bhp maximum power and 14 Nm of torque. It also has a split seat and stunning color variations to give a sporty look.

Suzuki Gixxer Full Specification

Zontes ZT155-U

Zontes ZT155-U is one of the powerful naked sports motorcycle after the Yamaha MT-15. This naked sports machine is manufactured by a Chinese company. This motorcycle gets some advanced features like a liquid-cooled boost engine, two different riding modes, Slipper clutch, Bosch dual-channel ABS system and many more. It can produce 18.8 Bhp maximum power and 16 Nm of torque. Because of the EFI system, it can provide up to 40 km/l average mileage.

Zontes ZT155-U Full Specification


Bajaj Pulsar N160

Bajaj Pulsar N160 is the latest upgradation of the Pulsar series, Bajaj’s best-selling motorcycle in over 70 countries. Pulsar N160 DC ABS is featured with all the latest and advanced technology. As a naked sports motorcycle, Pulsar N160 has a dual-channel ABS braking system which is for the very first time in Bangladesh. Its bi-functional LED projector headlamp with LED DRLs is unparallel that surpassed all other motorcycles ever in Bangladesh. Another best feature of this bike is its refined engine with 16 PS (11.7 kW) Power, 14.65 Nm Torque, Twin Spark, and Oil-cooled DTS-i engine. This bike is competent enough for comfort in long drive, its 37mm telescopic suspension in front and mono-shock in the rear never makes you tired meanwhile it also excellent in mileage, 40 km in city and 43 km in highway ride.

Bajaj Pulsar N160 Full Specification

TVS Apache RTR 4V

TVS is an Indian motorbike company and it is also a famous brand in Bangladesh. TVS recently launched one of the best-naked sports bike TVS 4V and they will give you it for 204,500 takas. Before RTR 4V there is other two bike of RTR and RTR is the third add in the RTR series. Its displacement engine is 159.7cc and they give it electrically and kicker both starting systems. Its engine is a Four-stroke, Single Cylinder and its maximum power is 16.28 bhp @ 8000 rpm. This engine cam makes 14.8 Nm @ 6500 rpm torque. Its top speed is 140 kmph and the average mileage is 45 kmpl. TVS also added it 270mm Disc on the front side and a 230 mm Disc brake on the rear side. TVS RTR 150 and RTR 160 already made a good market in our country and we also hope that RTR 4V will also create a big market.

TVS RTR 4V Full Specification

Honda CB Hornet

Last year bikers are waiting for two naked sports bikes and one of them is Honda CB Hornet. Honda released one of the best-naked sports last year. Honda CB Hornet is 162.71cc displacement engine and Air Cooled, 4 Stroke, SI engine is also in it. This engine can produce 15.04 BHP @ 8500 rpm maximum power and 14.76 NM @ 6500 rpm torque. Honda Hornet has good acceleration and great control. Its performance is also very good and we get its mileage 45 kmpl average and caught its top speed 130 kmph.

Honda CB Hornet Full Specification

Here we listed Top naked bike of Bangladesh and all bikes are available in Bangladesh. You can find your bike from here.

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