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Petronas Sprinta F300 20w-40

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Petronas Sprinta F300 20W-40 is a High quality engine oil which is suitable for all types of 4-Stroke motorcycle engines, clutches and gear boxes. With UltraFlex™technology, Petronas Sprinta F300 20W-40 is developed to provide responsive performance and to defends critical parts of a motorbike. Petronas Sprinta F300 20w-50 is composed with a unique formulation to maintain engine life and produce maximum engine power.


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Motorcycle engines require different lubrication properties to work properly. These lubricants or engine oils help to reduce engine damage. The basic purpose of engine oil is to make sure that enough lubrication is provided to all engine parts so that friction and wear are reduced. Engine oil serves several important functions in an engine regarding lubrication, cooling, mobility, anti-rust agent, protection, etc. Hence engine well is necessary for a motorbike. There are several engine oil available on the market. Among those, Petronas Sprinta F300 F300 20w-40, created by Petronas is appropriate for all types of 4-stroke engines. Petronas Sprinta F300 20W40, engineered with the Ultraflex Technology provides responsive performance and engine preservation.

PETRONAS SPRINTA F300 20w-40 Specifications & Price

Brand Petronas
Model Sprinta F300
Engine oil type Mineral
Viscosity 20W40
Warranty Type No Warranty
What’s in the Box 1x Petronas Sprinta F300 10W40 Mineral
1 litter
Stain Resistant
Price in Bangladesh
540 BDT


  • Petronas uses UltraFlex™technology.
  • Engineered with a unique formulation to provide oil stability.
  • The technology resists bike weariness and offers bike mobility.
  • The technology is engineered to react instantly to the different demands of all your bike’s critical areas delivering instant defense and responsive performance.

Performance and Benefits:

  • Elongate the engine’s life.
  • It provides smooth clutch engagement and comfortable gear shifting.
  • Help to reduce the engine’s vibration and noise.
  • This oil provides good control in deposit build-ups, especially under high operating temperatures.
  • Offers oxidation control and durability keeping the oil viscosity in grade during the full drain interval.
  • Enhances smooth clutch and superior gearbox operation.
  • Meets the API (American Petroleum Institute) and JASO (The Japanese Automotive Standards Organization) MA2 (Grade for Wet Clutch type vehicles) specifications.

Main Application:

This engine oil is suitable for four-stroke motorcycle engines with integral gearboxes and wet-type clutch assembly.

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