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Pulsar 135 LS User Review by Fahad

This post is also available in: Bengali

I’m Fahad and I’m a student. Today I’m going to give my review on Pulsar 135 LS. This is my family’s first bike. This is an amazing bike. The reason of my obsession is the looks of the bike.
Biking is my hobby. My house is in Satkhira district, Shyamnagar thana, North Kodomtola post-office. My collage is 3km far from my house. For frequent visit and household activities a bike is necessary. I had a lot of consideration before buying this bike. Because the looks and performance of this bike is astonishing which have never disappointed me. Besides, another particular reason is that compare to others 135cc the bike vibrates less. When I have brought this bike from a local user, after 6 months the seller came to me to repurchase the bike.
The first day riding experience of the bike was fascinating. I had traveled for 300km without having any back pain. The features of this includes digital speedometer, carburetor allow ring, self start and kick start etc. I get more comfort compare to other bikes, doesn’t vibrate at the speed of 100. The speed can not be noticed with out looking at the speed meter. Because of the disk brake in the front and drum back in the rear, the bike can be controlled well. The bike doesn’t skid because of the wider tyre and good grip. My bike seems like a 150cc bike. I didn’t get disappointed in the races with Pulsar 150, Apache 160, Discover 135. I had traveled 80000km and took many times for servicing, most of the time in Satkhira district. I had changed tyre in both front and rear. At first I had a mileage of 60km, now I get 50-55km. I change my bike oil after 1000km and the grade is 20w40.
The bike parts that I have changed are 1 set of tyres, connecting, timing chain, clutch plate and other minor things. The reason of these changes is that my bike has traveled 80 thousand km. I didn’t modify any parts of the bike. The top speed of my bike is 120 KM/H.


Positive side of my bike –
  1. The mileage
  2. The speed
  3. Controlling and acceleration
Negative side of my bike –
  1. Hydraulic in the back
  2. Thin tyre
  3. Unavailability of the spare parts

Courtesy – Fahad

This post is also available in: Bengali

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