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Mileage problem and solution

Tips to increase your motorcycle mileage

Motorbike mileage is always a big factor. Yet many people buy bikes depending on the mileage. Because great mileage ensures the less running cost of the bike. But, does the greater mileage only save the money of the user? Or there is some other mystery in here? Yes, mileage does not only saves money, but it also gives much information about the bike. The engine health of a motorbike primarily depends on the mileage of a motorcycle.

As an example, we often see that two same company motorbike are providing different mileages. Why is that? And what should we learn from that? We can easily understand that the bike which has greater mileage, is being maintained by its user with care. The servicing and tuning of that bike are being done in time. The engine health of a bike is directly connected with its mileage.

I know a guy who drives a Hero Hunk 150 for more than 4 years and that bike gives mileage of 45+ inside the city and 50+ on the highway. And the bike looks like a new one even now. Many people may say that how is this possible? Yes, this is possible. To make it possible we have to follow some tips.


You have to give the engine some time to warm up. After that when the bike is completely turned on then you should go for a ride. The bikes which have smaller engines such as Passion Pro, Bajaj Discover 100, etc have horizontal engines. So, fuel can go to the fuel tank just after starting the engine very easily. But in the bigger engines like Pulsar 150, Apache RTR 150 the fuel circulation does not occur instantly just after starting the engine.

To solve this problem, keep the “Eye” of the bike open and then start the engine and keep it like this for 10-15 seconds. So, the bike will get enough time to heat the engine. As a result, the fuel circulation will become speedy. But don’t keep the “Eye” open for a long time. Fuel may become empty if you do so.


Don’t accelerate too much just after starting the engine. Because when the engine started after a long period, the viscosity of engine oil increases. So, if the engine gets more heated during this time, the engine and piston may get damaged. Which will be responsible for your low mileage. So, try to ride moderately after start the engine.


The extra weight on your bike affects directly the mileage. If you carry some extra weight, that will certainly affect the mileage and reduce it. So, the unimportant things on your bike such as the side guard and other things should be removed. Which will give you better performance and better mileage.

There are some other tips to better the mileage of bike which you should know:

  1. Keep the engine turned off during long road signals.
  2. Change the engine oil according to the recommendation from the manufacturer company.
  3. Check the pressure of the tube every month. Higher pressure may give you better mileage but it is not suggested because it will have a long-term impact on the bike engine’s stability. Tyre companies recommend 29-33 PSI in the front wheel and 35-40 PSI in the rear wheel depends on weight.
  4. Change the oil filter as recommended.
  5. The idle RPM should not be over 1200 to 1500 RPMs.


Try to be habitual in engine brake. Most of the bikers press the clutch lever before they press the brake lever which is a big reason for lower mileage. Some of the riders often ride their motorcycle with a half-clutch which is also harmful to lower mileage and also for the clutch lever. When you need to slow down try to habituate to the engine brake. It will save your fuel and clutch plate.

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