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Walton was established in 1977 as a subsidiary of Walton Group. Mainly this brand makes motorcycles which are ranging from 80cc to 150cc. In the past, most of the motorcycles of Bangladesh are imported from India and Japan but for a couple of years, customers are getting fond of this brands bikes. As they are built here the cost of the product becomes less that making the retail price more affordable. Here check out the available Walton Motorcycles here


Walton TAKYON 1.00 145,550

Walton is one of the oldest and leading motorcycle manufacturing companies in Bangladesh which has now come to the spotlight for their some exclusive products at a reasonable price. They recently launched some best models motorcycles in the country. Walton is pretty famous in the urban area. The price range is pretty reasonable and Walton is a brand of Bangladesh. So there will be no hassle about the spare parts and servicing. They are using all the features with the needs of modern touch. So, within a short time, Walton has become one of the best seller. However, the bike is made by thinking about all aged riders and so, it can be completely fit for any person where age means no fact.

  • Walton TAKYON 1.00

    TAKYON is the new electric way to move through your city with ease, affordable & convenient commuting. Red, Blue and Silver colors are available. Walton TAKYON price in Bangladesh is 1,37,750/-. Walton offers upto two years parts warranty, This warranty does not cover any damage due to accident, electricity fault, natural causes or negligence. And Authority keeps the power to change, expend, correction, stop or cancel the warranty period without any prior notice.

    ৳ 137,750

    Walton TAKYON 1.00

    ৳ 137,750
  • Fusion 125 NX Price in Bangladesh

    Walton Fusion 125 NX

    Walton Fusion 125 NX is one of the most wanted bike in Bangladesh nowadays which possesses some attractive features that most of the available bikes hardly has. Fusion 125 NX is regarded as the best bike in Fusion series which has the most advance technology that already placed it in top position in market.

  • Walton Plazar 140 Price in Bangladesh

    Walton Plazar 140

    Walton Plazar 140 is yet to be launched in Bangladesh which is a standard category motorcycle. It would launch soon in the country but already it’s demand is increasing due to amazing outlook and design. Within affordable price, bike lovers can get the taste of sports bike through Plazar 140.

  • Walton Prizm 110 Price in Bangladesh

    Walton Prizm 110

    Consists of 107cc displacement, Walton Prizm 110 is one of the most stylish standard motorcycle in Bangladesh which has Euro3 standard engine along with fuel efficient technology. With 117.5 kerb weight, the bike can take maximum 150 kg load. Comparing with rest same segment motorcycles, Prizm 110 is one of the best bike in Bangladesh right now.

  • Walton Leo 90

    Leo 90 is an old fashioned motorcycle made by Bangladeshi company Walton. Leo 90 is one of few models which released at the beginning by targeting some selective amount of customers demand. Providing more than 70 km mileage, Leo 90 is one of the most fuel efficient bike in this segment.

  • Walton Cruize 100 Price in Bangladesh

    Walton Cruize 100

    Walton Cruize 100 is regarded as one of the best 100 cc standard bike in Bangladesh produced by local brand Walton recently. Using one cylinder, 4 stroke engine, the maximum power of the bike is 4.6 kw/8000 rpm. Consists of advance electrical features, this 100 cc motorcycle is starting to dominate the two wheeler market in Bangladesh.

  • Walton Fusion 110 Price in Bangladesh

    Walton Fusion 110

    Walton Fusion 110 is one of the best standard motorcycle in Bangladesh within small budget which exact displacement is 107 cc. The bike is bit old fashioned now but once it was dominated the local market in the country due to it’s poor price tag. With the better horse power in this range, it can run 80 to 85 km per hour without any problem.

  • Walton Fusion 110cc Ex Price in Bangladesh

    Walton Fusion 110cc Ex

    Walton Fusion 110 EX regards as one of the most demanding motorcycle in Walton company which is almost a newest addition known as Fusion 110 earlier. The newest addition of Fusion 110 EX is added some advance features with a large fuel tank which contains 15 liters capacity, attractive colors with amazing graphics, fuel efficiency and self with kick starting system.

  • Walton Fusion 110cc Ex Price in Bangladesh (1)

    Walton Fusion 125cc EX

    Walton Fusion 125 EX is just an upgrade version of Walton Fusion 125 which is standard category bike consists of 124.9cc displacement. Under one lac, it would be the best choice which is made by Euro3 standard engine and fuel efficient technology. Added a kit of both side of fuel tank gives the bike complete new look.

  • Walton Ranger Price in Bangladesh

    Walton Ranger

    Walton Ranger is a single cylinder 100 cc bike consists of different update features which is regraded as one of the best invention of Walton. This motorcycle is specially made for heavy mileage which can comparable with Bajaj Platina series. It can provide more than 70 km mileage with highly attractive available colors and graphics.

  • Walton Speedo 150cc Price in Bangladesh

    Walton Speedo 150cc

    Walton Speedo 150 is the highest cc bike in Walton which yet to available in Bangladesh but hopefully coming soon. Speedo 150 is considered as sports category bike made by BTF150 world class balance shaft engine. Due to better acceleration, it can produce instant speed. Consists of digital LCD meter, better mileage, racing, fashionable and sporty style features, it can give you sports bike’s feelings within measured price range.

  • Walton Xplore 140 Price in Bangladesh

    Walton Xplore 140


    Walton Xplore 140 is a speed machine made by Walton which is the top Bangladeshi brand. Within the reasonable price, the motorcycle can provide all the facilities you need. According to latest upgrade, the bike is featured with Euro3 standard engine, better fuel efficiency, anti theft lock, digital gear display etc.

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