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Unified Braking System

What is UBS?

UBS braking system is another alternative technology like IBS and CBS, the term is UBS stands for Unified Braking System which is brought by Yamaha, the prominent Japanese motorcycle manufacturer. Yamaha’s only commuter bike Saluto and few scooters feature UBS braking technology to enhance braking efficiency. The UBS technology connects both brakes during braking applications. When rear brake is pressed, the braking force is distributed between both wheels front and rear. Despite pressing on the rear brake only the front brake is also activated and provides a balanced braking feel. The latest unified braking system ensures confidence braking and avoids skidding and other stuff.

Similarly, if rider presses only the front brake at the same time the rear is also powered, here the rear brake gets force by equalizer how strongly the front brake is applied. This feature is essential for touring dirt bikes whereas sometimes rider stands on foot pages on unpaved roads during this situation rider is unable to operate rear brake. UBS allows to handle rear brake by right hand also. Hence both wheels stop together.

Merits of UBS Braking

  • UBS technology minimizes braking distance and reduces skidding
  • UBS is safer and better than a conventional braking system
  • UBS technology is suitable for wet, slippy, and bumpy road surface
  • This technology is applicable for drum and disc brakes whereas ABS is decorated for disc brakes

Demerits of UBS Braking

  • UBS braking system is not suitable for higher cc motorcycle
  • Injurious for motorcycle stunners

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