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What is IBS?

IBS is an advanced braking technology, stands for Integrated Braking System which has been coined by the world’s largest two-wheeler manufacturer Hero MotoCrop. Hero has applied this technology to almost all of motorcycles and scooters. The term (IBS) is quite similar to (CBS) Combined Braking System which was introduced by Hero’s former business partner Honda. Whatever, both serve the same purposes in action, enhance braking efficiency and reduce any chances of skid or other unexpected incidents.

IBS technology distributes the braking force to both front and rear wheels for well-balanced braking and to prevent skids. When the rider presses the rear brake with full pressure sometimes we notice the rear wheel skid and the rider gets injured. Actually, the rear wheel completely stops but the front wheel remains in full force which leads to this circumstance.

Inversly, although rider presses the rear brake, IBS technology automatically passes approximately 40% of braking force to the front wheel to stop both wheels simultaneously. The proper distribution of braking force in 60%/40% bike gets a smooth balanced braking and gets rid of any accidents.

Nowadays IBS braking technology gets priority for its efficiency, many motorcycle brands have embraced this technology in various phrase.

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