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Honda SPX 1 Fully Synthetic

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Honda SPX 1 is a complex yet performance-oriented oil with a fully SYNTHETIC oil base. This engine oil is suitable especially when higher performance is required or continuous driving at high speed.


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      SPX is formulated by Honda R & D Japan. Honda SPX 1 is able to maintain engine conditions, especially when higher performance is required or driven continuously at high speeds. With lesser friction, SPX 1 provides up-standing protection for the motorcycle engine.

      Honda SPX 1 Fully Synthetic 10W30 Synthetic Specifications

      Brand Honda
      Model AHM SPX 1
      Engine oil type Fully Synthetic
      Viscosity 10W30
      Warranty Type No Warranty
      What’s in the Box 1x SPX 1 Synthetic – 1.2 litter
      API SN
      JASO MA2
      1.2 liter
      Stain Resistant
      Price 1,200 BDT
      Last Update
      20 May 2023


      • SPX uses an advanced FULLY SYNTHETIC base formulation.
      • Maintains engine conditions for maximum performance.
      • It provides better control through easy gear shifting and smooth clutch control.
      • With lesser impurities which results in lesser friction.

      Performance and Benefits:

      • Met the API SN and JASO MA2 specifications.
      • Prolong the engine’s life.
      • Superior protection to motor engine.
      • It provides smooth clutch engagement and easy gear shifting.
      • Offers maximum power & acceleration.

      Main Application:

      Applicable to all 4-stroke motorcycle engines with wet clutch, especially for Honda.

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