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Ravenol Racing 4T Motobike 10W-40 Full Synthetic

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RAVENOL Racing 4T Motobike SAE 10W-40 is a motorcycle engine oil that can be classified as “fully synthetic” according to German law and can be used in the extreme racing situations as well as in normal road operations.


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      RAVENOL Racing 4T Motobike SAE 10W-40 is a fully synthetic lubricant for a 4-stroke motorcycle that is specially developed for racing use with USVO® & CleanSynto® technology. A special formulation based on the new RAVENOL racing technology results in a perfect combination of the engine, transmission, and clutch. RAVENOL is one of the reputed German brands for premium lubricant products in the world.

      RAVENOL Racing 4T Motobike SAE 10W-40 Specifications

      Model RAVENOL Racing 4T Motobike SAE
      Engine oil type Full Synthetic
      Viscosity 10W-40
      What’s in the Box 1x RAVENOL Racing 4T Motobike SAE – 1 litter
      API SN
      JASO MA2
      1 liter
      Price 1250 BDT
      Last Update
      20 May 2023


      • Engineered with USVO® & CleanSynto® technology.
      • Developed 100% on a PAO and ester basis
      • Excellent properties of the fully synthetic PAO base oils.

      Performance and Benefits:

      • Ensure maximum performance and reliable protection against wear.
      • It provides significant fuel savings.
      • Guarantees maximum protection for all engine components.
      • Helps to protect the environment by reducing emissions.
      • Offers excellent cold start behavior which ensures optimum lubrication safety in the cold running phase.

      Main Application:

      Applicable to all 4-stroke motorbikes in case the specification SAE 10W-40 JASO MA/MA2 is requested.

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