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Repsol Moto Sport 4T Semi Synthetic

৳ 660

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Repsol Moto Sport 4T is perfect for bikes which are driven in areas with varying weather conditions. The high quality of this product makes it perfect for any type of motorcycle, environment, and situation.

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      Repsol Moto Sport 4T is the perfect Semi-Synthetic lubricant oil for 4-stroke engines. Repsol is a Spanish-originated company that turns out different types of engine oil for motorbikes including mineral, semi-synthetic and synthetic types. They use different colors to make it easier to identify the type of product each bottle contains. This high-quality semi-synthetic engine oil is ready to compete in your demanding day-to-day life.

      Repsol Moto Sport 4T Specifications & Price

      Brand Repsol
      Model Moto Sport 4T
      Engine oil type Semi-Synthetic
      Viscosity 10w-30, 10w-40 & 20w-50
      Warranty Type No Warranty
      What’s in the Box 1x Repsol Moto Sport 4T
      API SN
      JASO MA2
      1 liter
      Stain Resistant
      Price in Bangladesh
      660 BDT
      Last Update
      20 May 2023


      • Designed by top experts at the Technology Lab to offer maximum protection and reliability even in the toughest driving conditions.
      • Its viscosity, combined with its low volatility, enables maximum consumption to be achieved.
      • Good detergent-dispersant power, which ensures total cleanliness of engine parts.
      • Its formula ensures maximum protection for engine components that results in maximum engine performance.
      • Engineered with reinforced anti-wear ability.

      Performance and Benefits:

      • Offers the best possible driving comfort with smooth clutch engagement.
      • It provides high thermal stability.
      • Effective in reducing engine vibration and noise.
      • The high quality of this product makes it perfect for any type of motorcycle, environment, and situation.
      • Guarantees optimum lubrication of the different engine parts and less wear of its components.

      Main Application:

      Applicable to all types of four-stroke motorcycle engines requiring JASO MA2 or MA, API SN lubricants.

      ***Note – Always consult your owner’s manual to check recommended viscosity grade and specifications for your particular vehicle.

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