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Motorcycle riding tips

10 important safety tips for motorbike riding

Bike riding has become a passion nowadays and for some people, it has become an addiction. But all of us know there are several risks in motorbike riding and we have to control them carefully every time when we ride a bike. Otherwise, any rider would be a victim of a motorbike accident and would also end up having injuries or even die. So, we should know how to ride safely before riding a motorbike. And it is the topic today. Today we will provide you some important tips on riding a motorcycle safely which should become in handy.


We all know that helmet is the most important thing for a bike rider. It provides protection for the head of the rider. Most accidents injure the rider’s head. So at first, we have to choose a high-quality and fit helmet. It should not be too much tight or too loose. It should fit your head perfectly. And you should think about your safety while buying a helmet, not the design or style of it. Now there are many international brands are available in Bangladesh and they are also international certified standards. DOT and ECE 22.05 are the common certifications among them.

DOT and ECE 22.05 certifications


A biker should always give full attention to the road. Otherwise, unexpected accidents might happen. Keep your eye on the road. A major cause of accidents is riding a bike absentmindedly. Keep such things in mind as, if there is any vehicle around you, the turnings, etc. For better concentration, try to give a break during a long ride.


It is a very rare scene that people are riding alone on a motorcycle. So, motorbike passenger is a very common term. Passenger plays a vital role while riding. Keep an eye on your passenger if he is alright or not. Sometimes, dangers occur from any unexpected movement from passengers. Besides, it is also a fact that how much experienced you are to carry passengers. You have to keep that in mind that there is a guy who is sitting behind you on your bike.


You should not go riding in bad weather. Because bike tires might slip on wet and slippery surfaces. You should not get out with your bike unnecessarily when it is raining, even if you are a very experienced rider. But, if you have to ride in during rainfall, then ride the bike very slowly and don’t ever brake hard. Riding in hot weather can also dangerous. Always try to drink enough water before a ride.


The braking system of motorbikes has been revolutionized due to a new technology called an anti-lock braking system. But it is new to everyone and no one understands it fully till now. Many people fear it because it locks your wheels when you apply it. But it is very useful. When you need to press the emergency brake or riding in slippery road conditions, it’s very helpful to not locking the brake caliper. Before going for a ride, try to make sure every essential feature like brake, engine, clutch, head and tail light are working properly.

ABS Braking system



We have already stated earlier that, attention is a very important thing while riding. A little lack of concentration can cause danger. So, never use headphones while riding a motorbike. Because it makes you absent-minded as well as it makes you unable to hear the horns and other important sounds around you. But if you use headphones for communication, then it’s ok.


Motorcycle riding is always a skilled job. And the ability of your motorcycle riding depends on your biking skill. In this case, everyone should utilize their skills. Don’t ever compare your skill to anyone. Because everyone is unique in their own skills. You should develop your own skills.


The appearance of the rider should be perfect. You should wear high-quality boots while riding. It will make you comfortable while shifting gear and will provide you protection as well. Your feet may burn because of the engine’s heat. A high-quality boot will protect you from that.


It is not good for any rider to wear excessive loose or tight dresses. Because those will not provide you much protection. Leather can be a good choice for you because it will save you from unexpected dangers and accidents. You can also wear safety riding kits like Knee and elbow guard.

Riding kits



A rider should do a safety course. A test is taken when a rider goes on to do his license. In this course, you can know about the traffic rules of your country and many relevant things. And also you will know about the maintenance of motorbikes.

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