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Preferable tyre pressure for motorcycle

What is the preferable tyre pressure for your motorcycle?

Is there any importance to know about the recommended tyre pressure of your motorcycle and do they vary for a reason? The answer is YES it does. Motorcycle tyres are not so exciting thing to discuss. But this is one of the most important parts of a motorcycle. The tyres will lead you to where you want to go. To get a comfortable and ideal ride you also have to maintain the standard tyre pressure. For the ideal tyre pressure, you have to check the motorcycle and tyre manufacturer guide. Tyre manufacturer says check your tyre pressure once a week and the experts say check it every day. You have to check the tyre pressure every time you want to go for a ride to avoid increase wear, lacking grips, bad handling and braking performance.

Tyres are basically made of rubber and its full of air. Each motorcycle and tyre has a particular tyre pressure. Tyres need to warm up to a minimum temperature to get a higher grip level and lower wear level. To achieve the right temperature, tyres have to fill with the right pressure. In the discussion of tyre pressure, we make two mistakes. Those are high pressure and low pressure. Most of the riders don’t know about the actual tyre pressure. Let’s discuss these two mistakes.

Lower Pressure: Many riders think that lower pressure of tyre will give them more grip and help to prevent slippage. But lower pressure than recommended is one of the reasons for overheating of tyre. It might affect the tyre shape and the contacted area. It is also harmful to get actual motorcycle performance and handling. It’s a waste of the tyre.

Higher pressure: To use high tyre pressure is also a myth about tyre. This will make trouble in riding and handling. There are also chances to harm the tyre. It will reduce the friction length between the road and tyre. For that, the rider won’t get a proper grip and control. It will cause an accident. When the tyre gets overpressure than recommended then it punctured easily.

Preferable tyre pressure for motorcycle

Front tyre pressure:

Tyre size Single With Pillion Pillion with Luggage
80/90 -3.25 32-33 PSI 32-33 PSI 33-34 PSI
100/80-3.50 32-33 PSI 33-34 PSI 34-35 PSI
110/70 34 PSI 35 PSI 35 PSI

Rear tyre pressure:

Tyre Size Single With Pillion Pillion with Luggage
100/90 33-34 PSI 35-36 PSI 37-38 PSI
110/90 33-34 PSI 35-36 PSI 37-38 PSI
120/80-130/90 34-35 PSI 36-38 PSI 38-40 PSI
140/70 35-36 PSI 37-38 PSI 38-40 PSI

So, ride with recommended tyre pressure is safe. Check the tyre pressure every time you go out for a ride and always keep a pressure gauge in your motorcycle. Never check the pressure after riding even in 10 minutes. When you ride, the air inside the tyre getting hot and it will show you more pressure than its actual. Always count the pressure three hours later after a ride. The ideal pressure of tyre with a pillion is 27 PSI in front and 33 PSI in the rear. Always ride with the recommended tyre pressure to avoid an accident and unwanted problems.

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