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Race Fiero User Review

Race Fiero 150FR ownership Review written by Tanver Ferdous

Race Fiero 150FR is basically a Chinese bike. Due to being a Chinese bike, it is manufactured by a renowned Chinese company CF Moto. Earlier, the bike was imported in Bangladesh but back then, it was known by CF Moto 150NK and price was little higher as well.

Race Global Limited is a sister concern of Rangs which used to import different branded bikes from China and Korea in Bangladesh. Race Fiero 150FR can be regarded as the most hot trend bike of Race Global Ltd.

Race Fiero 150FR Specification & Price

Earlier, people used to ask me why should I buy a Chinese bike with a handsome price where generally a Chinese products do not have any longevity? But I think, with proper take care, a bike with low brand value would also provide better service or else high rated bike would be lost.

Race Fiero 150FR-এর মালিকানা রিভিউ বাংলায়

Just before to go for a Chinese product, there is an obvious question used to come out that the parts are available or not? Back then, the bike was not so popular in market and parts of the bike are not available excluding their own showrooms. And also the rate of the parts are higher than expected.

Everyone wants to buy a good looking bike which is the first priority to own a bike. I want to say no more about the design of Race Fiero 150FR where everyone knows it. It is designed by KYSKA, the same designers who has designed KTM bikes.
Race Fiero 150fr

Today, I would like to talk about the positive and negative sides along with the mileage, top speed of Race Fiero 150FR.

  • 1st: The acceleration of the bike is not so good and not so bad at all. It is at a medium level. So, it used to take time to make top speed than other sports bikes.
  • 2nd: The bike consists of ECO MODE and SPORTS MODE. To run with ECO MODE, the bike provides 38 – 40 km mileage where in SPORTS MODE, the mileage is reduced to 33 – 35 km. SPORTS MODE basically use for better speed.

Race Fiero 150fr meter

  • 3rd: The engine of the bike consists of a water-cooled system including a radiator which helps to cool down the engine automatically.
  • 4th: There is a sensor is attached to the bike which helps to turn off the start if gear pressed when stand of the bike is to stand.
  • 5th: The bike has dual hydraulic disc brakes which helps to control the speed instantly. The quality of disc and brake pads are both good.

Race Fiero 150 brake

  • 6th: There is no double stand is attached to the bike. This is a problem.
  • 7th: The owner of the bike should provide better fuel to the bike. Unless there would be a problem to start the bike.
  • 8th: The parking light and headlamp are always on automatically.
  • 9th: Due to RPM lock, I got 113 km/hour top speed and it would increase. Hopefully, after 5000 km running when the RPM lock will be opened, 125/130 km per hour top speed would possible.
  • 10th: The fuel tank of the bike can contain 10 litres of fuel.
  • 11th: The seating position of the bike is less comfortable and so, it causes pain during long run.
  • 12th: The bike should be taken to the proper service center for servicing instead of local mechanic to get good result.

Race Fiero 150fr user review
These are my personal opinion. Sorry if I wrote something wrong. Finally, it needs to mention that the bike is overall good and you would never regret to buy it.

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