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Lifan KPR 150 User Review by Dewan Sohan

Rasel Industry Ltd. has brought Lifan KPR 150 in Bangladesh in March 2015. The attractive looks and reasonable price of this bike developed interest in the bikers. Because of being a Chinese manufacturer, raised questions regarding durability and performance. Overall, the beginning of discussion and criticism.

In between the the year 2015, I purchased KPR 150 (Purple) from Mahir Motors. I also had confusion regarding the purchase of the bike. Many suggested in favor of and against the bike.

There should be no question on the quality of Chinese Motorcycle. Because China is the leading country considering their technology. Most of the reputed motorcycle manufacturer company in the world import at least one parts from China. However, the technical products are low-priced. That’s why many country around the world import different products from China. The product quality depends on the budget that’s what the customer afraid of.

Lifan can not be considered with such issue. Because Lifan is one of the best motorcycle manufacturer company in China. They are aware of their quality. No one can import the products of Lifan at low price. The company was established in 1992 and now they are manufacturing car, commercial truck, micro-oven and motorcycle. Lifan is a trusted company that can be known by google.

Lifan Headquarter

LIfan Group Headquater

From Internet, Lifan KPR 150 has been the champion of 150cc bike race in China. I have contacted with 1/2 user of this bike and got quite a good feedback. Considering my own attraction, I finally decided to buy the bike.

I have rode 16,000 KM in 2 years. With KPR I have traveled more than 20 districts in Bangladesh. Many asked me, How is the bike? Mileage? Durable? etc. Today I’m going to share my neutral view on Lifan KPR 150.

Bichanakandi, Sylhet

The most positive side of KPR is the dashing looks. In Bangladesh, there is no such a full faired sports looking bike that comes at 2 lakh budget. The combination of color, sticker and design is lovely.

Another admirable part of this bike is the LED Headlight. Rasel Industry has challenged that there is no bike in Bangladesh can provide more light than KPR. Truly the light is enough. So in highway riding or in winter, there is no need for fog light. The design of the parking light is awesome and incomparable. Because of the light KPR can be noticed from distance. The indicator and tail light are also praise-worthy. Because of rubber attached indicator light, there is a minimum chance of breaking.



The dashboard includes all the necessary options. The chronometer gets 10 minutes slow in a month and the fuel indicator doesn’t show the exact data.

The body kits are strong. The bike fell 1/2 times, had scratch but didn’t crack. I heard compliments on the kit of KPR from many bikers. The pillion seat is quite hard, comfortable seat would be good.

The looking glasses add the beauty but the position or functionality is not effective to me. I haven’t get any objection on this but once I had my hand cut by the looking glass. I hope Rasel Industry will notify the Lifan Motors about that.

The disk brake is enough good. The bike can be controlled in short time despite of being in high speed. The tyre skied sometimes based on braking time though didn’t lose control. Overall, I give 8 out of 10 for control and braking system.

The silencer pipe gets touched to high speed-breaker. Considering the roads of Bangladesh, the silencer pipe should be set higher. Another negative side of KPR is the gear which is hard.

The top speed of Lifan KPR 150 that I got is 126 KM/H, though it can be increased. Some had got a top speed of 135 KM/H. The bike take less time to reach 110-115KM/H but after that it takes time to gain speed. That’s make the difference between bikes like CBR or R-15. But in high speed the bike vibrates a little. Compare to other 150cc bikes in 3 lakh budget, the acceleration and top speed of KPR can be placed in the top list. In short, KPR is unique for it’s speed.

Being a sports bike, the sound of KPR couldn’t satisfy me. Comparatively the sound of Indian bikes is good. I got a mileage of 34 KM/L in city and 38 KM/L in highway. It gives comfort riding in the highway but in city, it is difficult to move through traffic because of it’s 150 kg weight. This bike is good for long tour. The water cooled system is very effective which decreases the engine temperature.

The siting position is between traditional sports and commuter bike. After riding 200-300 KM daily, I haven’t felt any pain in the back. So the siting position is good to me. The front and rear suspension is comparatively good to Indian bikes.


Rasel Industry is very sincere to the KPR customers. They offer 2 years engine warranty or for 20 thousand KM and up to 5 years  free servicing. In every 3-4 months a service team offer servicing in every dealer point. But emergency servicing is only available in Dhaka. Perhaps the issue would be resolved if Lifan expends throughout the country. By ordering in the dealer points or contacting Rasel Industry office, the necessary parts can be received.

In last 2 years there were a huge sell Lifan motorcycles. Though it’ll take time for Lifan to be recognized as a motorcycle company in Bangladesh. Day by day the demand is increasing and soon the lifan motorcycle will compete with the Indian bike. With all the pros and cons, after riding Lifan KPR 150 if you go for new bike in 2 lakh budget, you won’t find any satisfactory one.

You won’t find everything in one bike. After considering positive and negative side, try to appreciate your choice. Lastly, in 2 lakh budget Lifan KPR 150 can be considered as a good quality bike.


Courtesy : Dewan Sohan

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